Crawford Brewing provides micro-brewers with functional and aesthetically pleasing equipment on time and within budget.

Typical Product Offering Includes:
  – 15 barrel steam fired brewhouse included
  – Oversized steam heated mash tun with motorized mash mixer
  – 25 gallon grant/hop back with wedge wire false bottom
  – Laser cut support grid system fitted with six removable wedge wire screens
  – Brew kettle has three zones of heating producing a great boil
  – Center drain for easy trub removal
  – Thirty barrel steam heated hot liquor tank
  – Custom fitted brewers platform
  – Custom fitted 2- head keg washer, incorporated within system, available as affordable option
  – Also included are all pumps, valves, heat exchanger, process pipe, and controls to make complete unit. All heads and tanks are #4 Stainless Steel finish
  – We also offer an optional: 15 and 30 bbl. Fermenters built to the same standards.

Crawford offers standard and customized systems made to order, including installation and technical support. Crawford’s team also provides start-up assistance, if needed, for the initial batches of brewing.

From design to completion, you can count on Crawford Brewing!

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