Photography by Rick Butkus, “Photos by Rick”


Crawford Brewing designed and fabricated a brew tank system for Noon Whistle Brewing (Lombard, IL). The system included: Main Brew House with Mash Tun and Brew Kettle, Hot Liquor Tank, Access Platform, Grant/Hop Back, Process Piping, Transfer Pump, and System Controls. Additional system options included: Glycol Chiller, Boiler and Condensate Pump, Keg Washer, and On Site Installation Management.

Noon Whistle features craft session beers: lower on alcohol content, but high in flavor. The brewery name is attributed to the “noon whistle” from Marquette, WI. The brewery features an open concept, which brings together visitors and the actual brewing process. Paul Kreiner, Mike Condon, and Jim Cagle are partners at Noon Whistle. Noon Whistle “believes that enjoying a good beer is about enjoying life and its moments.”