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Crawford offers standard and customized brewing systems made to order, including installation and technical support. On Time. Within Budget.

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Brewing Equipment & Turnkey Solutions

Crawford Brewing Equipment provides micro-breweries with functional and aesthetically pleasing equipment that is MADE IN THE USA.  Our systems showcase our company's hallmarks: Quality, Service and Innovation.  Our customers know they can count on us to take care of the details for their brewery, from concept to completion.

Brewhouses, Fermenters, & Much More

Crawford Brewing Equipment offers you the best craft beer equipment, made in the USA.

Typical product offerings include: Stainless Steel Steam Fired Brewhouse, Steam Heated Mash Tun, Brew Kettles, Hot Liquor Tank, Brewing Platform, Keg Washer, Pumps, Valves, Heat Exchanger, Controls, Fermenters, and More! Trust our brewing vessels to get the job done.  Request a quote for your brewing project today.

Crawford offers standard and customized systems made to order, including installation and technical support. Crawford's team also provides start-up assistance, if needed, for the initial brew batches.

From design to completion, you can count on your partner Crawford Brewing!

Turnkey Solutions For Opening A Brewery

Crawford Brewing Equipment's Turnkey Solutions are perfect for people who want help designing and planning their brewery. Our engineers work with local contractors to help make your dream of opening a brewery or brewpub a reality. We can help you visualize and implement the look and design of your brewery. We also aid in installation to ensure that your system is running smoothly on your first day.

Crawford Brewing Equipment's latest innovation, Otto the Automated Keg Washer.

Otto provides micro-breweries with premier keg washing capabilities that are MADE IN THE USA. Crawford’s Automated Keg Washer showcases our company’s hallmarks: Quality, Service and Innovation. The Otto system is user-friendly, saves time, and ensures thorough keg cleaning. The Otto allows brewers to multi-task and become more efficient in daily operations.

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