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Mash Cookers

If you want to make bourbon or vodka and gin from grains, you need a mash mixer. This is different than a mash tun for brewing because it is designed to handle finely ground grains, has a different type of mixer paddle, and has an internal cooling coil. They are steam jacketed, insulated and clad with Thermowell, mash mixer, CIP, top manway, dish bottom, and have a 3” TC outlet with butterfly valve. Standard sizes are 7bbl (217 gallons), 10bbl (310 gallons), and 15bbl (465 gallons), but we can make any custom size you need up to 10,000 gallons.

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Mash Cookers Includes:

  • Steam Jacket, Insulated and Clad
  • Mixer
  • CIP System
  • Internal Cooling Coil
  • 3” TC Outlet and Butterfly Valve
  • Dish Bottom
  • Top Manway
  • Optional Grist Hydrator
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