Visit Crawford Brewing Equipment In The Quad Cities

Crawford Brewing Equipment has been building high quality craft beer equipment since 2013. All of our equipment is engineered with the highest quality and innovation and is MADE IN THE USA. If you value the quality of your beer, trust the experts at Crawford Brewing Equipment to ensure every batch is consistent and repeatable. Located in Rock Island, IL, we're proud to say that our equipment is making beer all across the country.

Brew Tank Design, Engineering & Sales

One of the most important decisions a potential new brewery can make is to come to visit our engineers and salespeople to discuss their needs. Our staff can answer all of your design and engineering questions, as well as go into detail about tank sales.

Brewing Equipment Production

When you visit Crawford Brewing Equipment, you will be shown the full capabilities of our tank production facilities. See first-hand, how your tanks will be built and talk with our staff about why our American made vessels are superior to imported tanks.

Visualize Your Own Brewery

We are proud to introduce our show room and training facility at Crawford Brew Works in Bettendorf, IA. Here, you'll be able to get back into the brewing area and see how all of our equipment will benefit you. This brewery also serves as an example of our company's turnkey brewing solutions. From tanks to a designer bar, we can help you create your brewery down to the smallest detail.


Crawford Brewing Equipment
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