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Grain On Fermenters

If you are making bourbon, or vodka and gin from grains, you will need a grist that is ground more finely than a standard brewer’s single pair roller mill can produce. You can purchase your gains pre-milled, or mill them yourself with our grain handling package from Sasquatch and Malt Handling. These hammer mills have the ability to grind corn, malt, rye, and wheat to the correct consistency. The mills have a top hopper to dump the grains in, or we have a remote hopper option to help keep dust down. A flex auger will convey the grist to a grist case which is mounted above the mash mixer. The grist case can also be located at floor level with a second conveyor to take the grist up to the mash mixer if ceiling height is an issue.

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Grain On Fermenters Includes:

  • Dish Top and Bottom Vessel with Dimple Jacket Cooling
  • Top Mounted Agitator Motor with Driveshaft and Axial Turbine or Hydrofoil
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • 3" Bottom Outlet
  • Top Manway
  • CIP
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