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What does it mean to be an American craft brewer? What might have started as a hobby turned into an obsession. From back road shacks and industrial parks, to the Country’s largest cities, craft brewers are making the best beer in the world. It’s hot, humid, and hours of cleaning. But you do it because you love beer and love the work. The raw ingredients, making something with your own two hands, it’s honest, it’s American. Crawford Brewing Equipment knows where you’re coming from. We buy only 100% American stainless steel and turn it into the most rock solid, undeniably American brewing equipment available. With over 65 years experience, we can design your brewery from top to bottom and seamlessly install it. You need a partner you can trust, one who understands why you do what you do. Let Crawford Brewing Equipment be that partner, and we’ll build your dreams together.

We have existing brewhouse plans in 7, 10, 15, and 30 barrel sizes, but as a custom fabricator, we can make anything up to 320 barrels. Unitank fermenters, horizontal fermenters, brite tanks, multi-vessel brewhouses, automation and remote access – the sky is the limit.

We know we’re not the only ones out there making brewing equipment, but we’d love to show you why we think we do it best. The pillars we stand on are quality and customer service. If you’re shopping around we encourage you to ask, “Where will my tanks be manufactured?” You might be surprised by the answer. There are a lot of companies based in the USA who are buying tanks made overseas. We end up seeing more of this equipment than we would like since people often call us for help when their overseas tank supplier delivers them to the construction site and the customer is left to orchestrate the install. We see a lot of rust (incorrect stainless alloy and lack of passivation) and even tanks deforming under their own weight (too light gauge of material). The moral of the story is if it seems too good to be true, it probably is, and some of the bargain basement prices on tanks made overseas can be just the tip of the financial iceberg.

Give us a call to discuss your project today and find out how buying American made equipment from a partner with our experience and extensive resources will make your project go smoothly, on time and on budget.

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