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Pot Stills

We offer copper pot stills in three standard sizes designed to match brewhouse and fermenter volumes. Existing breweries can choose from 7bbl (217 gallons), 10bbl (310 gallons), or 15bbl stills (465 gallons), and stand-alone distillery customers can request a quote on any size still they want since they are all custom made to order. All stills are steam jacketed and include mixer, helmet (choice of shape), lyne arm, CIP system, VPRV valve, two sight glasses, two steam valves, hydrometer parrot with thermometer, process piping and valve assemblies, condenser, and control panel. These are set up for use either without a column or for use with a side stand column. We can also omit the helmet and lyne arm and place the column directly on top of the still if you have enough ceiling height available and desire that configuration. If you have a custom design in mind, let us know – we can accommodate.

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Pot Stills Includes:

  • Steam Jacket, Insulated and Clad
  • Mixer
  • Helmet (choice of shape)
  • Lyne Arm
  • CIP System
  • Vacuum and Pressure Relief Valve
  • 2 Sight Glasses
  • 2 Steam Valves
  • Hydrometer Parrot with Thermometer
  • Process Piping and Valve Assemblies
  • Condenser
  • Control Panel
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