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Le Claire, IA

Project Summary:

Crawford Brewing Equipment designed and fabricated a whiskey mash tank for Mississippi River Distilling Co. (LeClaire, IA). The 1,400-gallon whiskey mash tun has a 1.5-HP mash motor and agitator. The vessel uses glycol cooling and steam heating, utilizing dimple jacket technology. The vessel features multiple ports for various accessories including lighting, temperature control, and cleaning.

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Mississippi River Distilling Company started in 2010 after two brothers, Ryan & Garrett Burchett, decided to pursue a dream. What started as a unique idea, grew into an opportunity to create something that these parts hadn’t seen since prohibition. A chance to create truly home grown, handmade spirits.

We’re a tight knit group here at Mississippi River Distilling Company. The handwriting on each bottle we sell is a testament to the hard work and love that goes into each batch of our spirits. Meet the people who bring our area’s finest grains to your glass.

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