Crawford Brewing Equipment is a unique company to partner with when building a brewery. We started in 1952 as a mechanical contractor, and over the years we grew in both experience and capabilities. Today, we are a turnkey provider, one stop shopping for those who want to make their dream of a brewery business a reality. We can make tanks almost any size and shape you want, and this really helps when you have height or floor space constraints.

What’s more unique than our custom tanks is our in-house ability to engineer every inch of your brewery. In fact, we can even provide an architect to help you with your building. We can literally handle every aspect of construction and general contracting for your project so you have a central point of contact and can focus on your responsibilities – preparing to open your new brewery business.

What needs to be engineered besides the building? Your brewery will require a boiler, which is a device that burns natural gas to heat water and produce steam. This steam travels through a piping system and into the jackets of your brewhouse tanks to provide heating during the brewing process. These systems are extremely complex and can very easily be done incorrectly. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just getting the steam from point A to point B. Pipe diameters, traps that remove condensed water, and a condensate return system all have to be engineered by someone who knows steam systems or it will not work efficiently, and can generate problems in the near future.

Equally complex is your chiller system. Your chiller will sit outside your building or on the roof and uses refrigerant to cool a glycol / water blend and circulate it throughout your brewery. It too travels through a pipe system into the jackets of your cellar tanks and into your heat exchanger providing cooling during brewing, fermentation, and serving of your beer.

Crawford Brewing Equipment can handle the design and installation of these systems as a part of your total project. You don’t have to be the one in charge of finding local contractors to design and install these systems during the whirlwind experience of starting a new business. Let us turn the stress level down and provide you with something that will work right the first time and into the future

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