Why Should You Buy American Made Brewing Equipment

Crawford Brewing Equipment believes in the quality and the pride that American craftsmanship provides our clients. Our fabricators have years of experience in their trade, and they take pride in their work. You reap the benefits of a workforce that proudly puts their name on the product. You can trust us to not leave you stranded with tanks that are inferior and confusing to use.

The Hidden Costs of Chinese Brewing Equipment

We understand that opening a brewery can be a costly and complicated endeavor. While breweries and distilleries are the passion of their owners and brewers, it is still a business. Most breweries require outside financing to get funded. Often times, looking for a deal on brewing equipment can be a tempting way to save costs. You always have to remember, that you get what you pay for. Buying Chinese brewing equipment may sound like a good idea, because the costs are lower. However, what is the hidden costs of buying cheap equipment? Tanks are just tanks, right? 

American Made Stainless Steel Brewing Tanks Won't Rust

We've talked to several clients who made the decision to save on costs with cheap tanks and have rusted tanks before they've even brewed their first batch. The difference in quality between American stainless steel and cheaper grade steel from overseas is a chasm. Foreign steel is more susceptible to the oxidation process, which means the likely hood of rusting is far greater. If you wouldn't drink beer made with rusty tanks, why would you want your customers to?

Leaky Tanks, Leaking Profits

All of our fabricators are certified with years in their field. They take great pride in their work, and the quality of their welds will always beat a rush job. If you're tanks are leaking, you're losing productivity. Putting your money towards American equipment can help to ensure that you're not losing time trying to fix problems, or paying us to fix them for you.

Customer Service That Will Exceed Your Expectations

When you team up with Crawford Brewing Equipment, you can count on us having your back. We can be as involved or hands off in the process as you would like. Just know that we care about quality and we care about beer. Our team will never leave you stranded with equipment that doesn't work or that you don't know how to use. When you choose to go with Chinese equipment, you have almost no customer support. You might be given installation instructions that you can't even read. We've seen too many instances where going with cheap equipment has cost a brewery in lost time and bad press from not opening on time.

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