Crawford's 15 Barrel Brewhouse: High Quality Beer Brewing

Crawford Brewing Equipment's 15 barrel brewhouse is meant for those breweries that are looking for mid-sized batches for onsite sales and distribution. The 15 barrel system is a good middle ground between specialty beers and your customer favorites

All of Crawford's brewhouse tanks and heads are made of stainless steel with a #4 finish. Metal inert gas (MIG) process is used on all exterior welds and food grade tungsten inert gas (TIG) process is used for all interior welds. All outer skins are polished stainless steel with TIG welds. All vessels are insulated double wall construction, creating a very energy efficient system. All brew houses are fully assembled and tested in our shop prior to shipment to site. You can trust the craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of our brewhouses.

Our 15 BBL Brewhouse Offers Quantity and Quality

For the customer with mid-sized needs, our 15 barrel offering is the perfect choice of batch size and American made craftsmanship. Taste the quality in every batch.

The 15 Barrel Brewhouse

Our standard 15 barrel brewhouse offering includes a 15 barrel steam fired brew kettle matched up with a 30 barrel hot liquor tank and 15 barrel mash tun. The 30 barrel HLT allows the brewer to make double batches in a day to increase production. The brew kettle has tangential side port for optional whirlpool process following the boil. The vessels are oversized so the brewer can deliver a full 15 barrels of wort to the fermentation vessels.  Stainless steel dimple jackets are utilized on the vessels to maximize steam energy transfer into the wort, decreasing wait time before boiling. All three vessels are fitted with internal clean in place ball system.

All pumps, valves, heat exchanger, and process piping are included to provide a complete system.

Grant/Hop Back

Our 25 gallon grant/hop back provides an accessible location to take wort samples during the lautering process. The grant/hop back has a removable wedge wire false bottom for easy cleaning and sanitation. The grant is also used by many brewers to dry hop their wort after the boil is complete. High and low level sensors inside the vessel control the main transfer pump to maintain the correct flow in the process. 

Brewers Platform

The brewer’s platform is custom fitted to match each brewhouse system. The brewhouse system has been designed to minimize elevation and only requires three steps from ground to top of platform. Made from a perforated, non-slip fiberglass material the brewing platform allows the brewer easy access to the control panel and manways on top of the vessels. 

Control Panel

The brewing control panel will be your new best friend. It allows the brewer to set HLT temperature setpoint and monitor mash tank and brew kettle temperatures. Transfer pump mode and speed are also controlled at the panel. Each control panel is built in the USA, prewired and tested in our shop, and is UL listed for the specific job location.

Keg Washer The custom-fitted keg washer allows 2 kegs to be cleaned and sanitized at the same time. The keg washer rolls into place along the front of the brewhouse and utilizes the main transfer pump to circulate cleaner through the kegs. An experienced operator can clean up to 20 kegs per hour with this system.